Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Best Children Charities


Juli said...

Well,the purpose of this blog is to share opinions and information about International Children Charities My goal is to be able to classify the Best Children Charities,according to the rating(commentaries)of all the participants of this blog.In this way we can improve also the ways these non profit organizations will REALLY HELP POOR CHILDREN FROM THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.
Please,feel free to speak out.

Juli said...

We'll start a Christmas&New Year Season short Campaign for Fund Raising.This will help one O.N.G. each year.For this time it'll be on behalf of Children's Solidarity Foundation.
The Fund Raising Campaign will consist on selling Items like Books and old editions of Fashion Magazines such:Vogue,Cosmopolitan & others.
Each one of those Items will be sold at a flat price of $3.00 USA(S+H included,only in Canada &USA)
All the profits of the Campaign will go to the website of C.S.F.:www.children's
The name of this Campaign is
Lulli Tubbi Child.
So come to this site1)watch our items,2)choose what you want,3)post here your choice,4)go to 5)click on the button DONATE(Pay Pal,please)6) your Item will be sent by Standard delivery to you.
That's all
Merry Christmas to you!